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Curt Warner, former running back and

Ring of Honor inductee, needs our help!


Curt and his wife, Ana, have two sons, Austin and Christian, with severe autism. For years, they have struggled to keep their family and their marriage together in a home filled with chaos and emotional exhaustion. 


Austin and Christian are now in their 20s and preparing for life on their own, but they can’t do it alone. They have a house for the boys, but need to finish building an adjacent 2-bedroom apartment to house full-time caregivers. Fanz 4 Good and the Sea Hawkers Foundation have teamed up to create the Warner Family Autism Fund. This fund will help pay for the $30K needed to finish the apartment. Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated. Fanz 4 Good is a registered 501(c)(3) and your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for your generosity.

Norb, Sarah & Mark

Fanz 4 Good

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Dave Krieg, pleads to the 12s...

Watch the four-part interview with Curt & Ana Warner discussing football, family and the struggles with autism

The entire 4-part interview:

NFL Films story about the Warner family


Our mission is to provide goodwill and support to cancer patients and people in need of financial assistance or services

Fanz 4 Good is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide goodwill & support to those in need. Our Assistance Grants program provides groceries and supplies to cancer patients and others in need. We assist the homeless by providing food, hygiene kits and supplies.  When someone is down, we and our community of fans are there to let them know that “we got your back”.  We visit with kids and remind them to ”respect one another”, “never bully” and “stay in school”.  Fanz 4 Good helped acquire a wheelchair van for a victim of a devastating car crash, delivered money and supplies to firefighters and victims of forest fires and presented football memorabilia to military veterans. We work with partner charities, like the Wheels of Boom and the Swedish Cancer Institute. Together, we are all Fanz 4 Good, making life better, one fan at a time.

Mark Collins & Norb Caoili visiting John Bachner and his family at Harborview Medical Center after a devastating car accident.

Fanz 4 Good helps cancer patients and families during tough times

Fanz 4 Good awarded thousands of dollars in holiday grants to families in need. We provided groceries, supplies and helped pay the utility bills for several Swedish Cancer Institute patients. With your continued support, we will continue helping struggling families during this very challenging time.

Sarah Bryan delivering much needed food, hygiene kits and supplies to area homeless.


"This is a gift that I shall never forget... I am completely humbled and excited that I have such wonderful friends..."

       ~Celia, Holiday Grant recipient

"...this gift means so much to me. When you can't work, the medical bills burn through your life savings faster than people imagine. Everything helps... this is a reminder that there are people out there like you. Thank you!"

       ~Swedish Cancer Institute patient

"It was a really nice surprise and well needed. You have restored my faith..."

       ~Sandra, Holiday Grant recipient

"Our family wants to thank you for the amazing gifts and generosity... We cannot express enough of our gratitude for the love and kindness we received."

       ~Swedish Cancer Institute patient

"What you did for us was SO AMAZING! We are a family of faith and I knew God had a plan. I just had no idea He sent other 12 Fans to help! You're the best!

       ~LeAnn, Holiday Grant recipient


Mark Collins

Norb Caoili

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